A Consignment Store for Toys

Consignment retailing involves customers providing clean, gently used merchandise for Pamela to sell. After a sale, the shop and the customer share in the proceeds. Since 1991, Fritz has been building an ever-changing inventory of used toys. All clean toys and children’s items — excluding clothes — are accepted for consignment.

Many children bring their old toys in to sell to build up credit on their account so they can then purchase new items. Some families view Toys Are Used as a toy exchange. Many parents view it as a way to clean out the house or garage. With the economy the way it has been, Toys Are Used has been a great financial help to parents and grandparents alike when purchasing “new” toys or presents. This sole reason is what motivates Fritz to keep her business going.

New Life for Pre-Enjoyed Toys
Pamela Fritz started Toys Are Used in April of 1991 because she was disappointed that there were so many consignment shops for clothes, but none for toys. At the time, her son was seven years old and she had no place to bring his toys once he outgrew them. Now after 30 years in business, Pamela has been able to keep Toys Are Used open long enough so that her grandchildren have been able to experience the joy of exploring the many “treasures” found in her store.