How Does Consignment Work?

When you bring your toys in for sale by consignment, that means you agree to leave your toys at Toys Are Used. Pamela will create an account for you and all the items you drop off will be tagged with your account number. If one of your items is sold, your account will be credited with 50 – 70% of the selling price for each item sold.

It is easy to recycle your toys if you follow the guidelines below:

1. Toys must be clean and unbroken.

2. Please sort toys and put them in like groups. For example, place games with games, Lego with Lego, dolls with dolls, sports equipment with sports items, etc.

Things To Remember:
1. Presorting items will make your trip to Toys Are Used much faster and more valuable. Sorting toys ahead of time means they will appear in better condition, be more identifiable for sale, and be ready to be placed on the shelf for a faster return on your investment.

2. Before bringing items in to the store ask yourself, “Would I want to buy this toy as it is now?”.

3. Try to keep all toy pieces together.

4. If possible, clean off and bring seasonal items in about a month before the season or holiday since we do have limited storage.

5. You will get more money for clean, well maintained and complete items.

6. We take children’s books and musical instruments.

7. We take baby toys, furniture and equipment, but not clothing or blankets.

8. We take children’s sporting equipment, roller blades, and shoes.

Toys Are Used Consignment Store